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Just What Is Functional Medicine?

Dr. Qadir is the premiere functional medicine doctor in the Akron/Canton area right here in Ohio. We have over 20 years of experience in functional medicine with certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Innovative Health and Longevity is working hard to change the way medicine is being practiced.
But what IS functional medicine? Functional medicine is a patient centered way of healthcare. It’s more than prescriptions and big bills. It doesn’t simply treat your symptoms. Our integrative medicine approach addresses the root causes of illness. We do this by optimizing your medicine AND your lifestyle. This includes comprehensive analyses of your diet, exercise, hormones, and nutrition. We craft a wholistic, customized program for you, designed by a certified practitioner.

So, the definition of functional medicine depends on YOU. We practice our functional medicine to go hand in hand with conventional medicine. This gives you the best health care experience one can get. If you have a chronic disease like diabetes, allergies holding you back, vitamin/nutritional deficiencies, or you want to be truly healthy, our integrative approach can help you get there. When you’re healthy, you and your body will feel the difference. You’ll notice yourself having more energy, a healthy weight, and an immunity boost. This includes the ability to fight off things like viral infections. You’ll be amazed at what you can do and how you’ll feel when you take charge of your health and wellness.

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“Why Do I Have Thyroid Symptoms? My Labs Were Normal”

Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives

Our functional medicine has a biology and science based approach. Our approach has amazing, long lasting effects not only on your health, but on your appearance as well. We don’t just treat diseases and ailments. Our natural health solutions are a safe and effective alternatives to cosmetic procedures. This includes procedures like Botox and face lifts.
You can improve your looks without the risks or side effects of popular plastic surgery. We don’t use artificial fillers, toxins, or chemicals. Natural facial rejuvenation is an amazing practical application of functional medicine. It is the perfect safe and effective alternative to more dangerous plastic surgery. Since surgery is not required, an expensive plastic surgeon is not needed. 

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