Dr. Riffat Qadir MD

Holistic and Functional Medicine

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Dr. Qadir is the premiere functional medicine doctor in the Summit County area. With over 20 years of experience in functional medicine, the Innovative Health and Longevity Clinic is working hard to change the way medicine is practiced. Functional, holistic medicine is more than just prescriptions and big bills. It doesn’t just go after symptoms, this integrative approach goes after the root causes of illness by making adjustments not just to your medicine, but to your lifestyle. This includes comprehensive analyses of your diet, exercise, hormones, and overall nutrition and creating a fully custom and unique program specifically for you. You’ll be amazed at what YOU can do and how you’ll feel when you take charge of your health and wellness.

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Natural Facial Rejuvination

Our functional medicine, which is based in biology, has amazing and long lasting effects not just on your overall health and wellness, but also on your appearance. Along with helping the root causes of many diseases and physical afflictions, natural health solutions have much safer and more effective alternatives to certain cosmetics and cosmetic procedures like Botox and face lifts. You can improve your skin without the risks and side effects of artificial fillers, toxins, and chemicals. Natural facial rejuvination is another amazing practical application of functional medicine and the perfect safe and effective alternative to more dangerous plastic surgery. 

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