State of the Art

LDA: A New Era in Allergy Therapy

  • No more weekly SHOTS!
  • Safe and effective therapy. 
  • Treatment effect is long lasting and sometimes permanent.
  • A safe, highly effective treatment option to allergy shots. 
  • Also helps food allergy and autoimmune conditions.  

Transform your Life,
With Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine:

  • Seeks to Identify the Underlying Causes of Your Health Problems
  • Resolves Health Problems – Not just Manage them
  • Takes a Holistic Approach
  • Works with You as a Partner so you Take CHARGE of Your Health

The Incredible Vitamin C

  • Learn how Vitamin C supports Immunity.
  • Vitamin C is so versatile and potent that everyone can benefit from it.
  • Learn about the actions of Vitamin C: 
  • Supports Immune Function Potent Antioxidant
  • Ultimate Antitoxin
  • Supportive in Cancer Care
  • Lowers coronary artery risk

Introduction to Innovative Health

  • Dr. Qadir’s explains her Integrative Functional Approach to Health.
  • It all begins with identifying the underlying cause of disease and then addressing it directly with lifestyle and natural therapies.
  • Learn how this approach can truly help to transform health by optimizing the body’s intrinsic healing ability.  

5 Pillars of Health

A Functional Approach

Dr. Qadir explains the 5 Pillars of Health and the critical importance of supporting each one in order to optimize your Health & Vitality.  

  • Nutrition:  You are What You Eat
  • Fitness:  Learn to Exercise Smarter, not Harder
  • Detoxification:  Detoxify Your World
  • Hormones:  Find that Balance
  • Neuro-Emotional:  Your Thoughts create your World. 

Stress Hormones & Health

A Functional Medicine Approach

  • How Hormone Imbalances – men and women – can lead to belly fat and prevent weight loss even with dieting and exercise. 
  • How Hormone Imbalances can affect your sleep cycles, sugar cravings, and ability to burn fat.
  • Why ‘counting calories’ doesn’t work.
  • What really works for permanent weight loss and steps you can take to optimize your health.  

Thyroid Disease

A Functional Medicine Approach

Fatigue? Can’t Lose Weight? Brain Fog? Depression?
You Could Have an Undiagnosed Thyroid Problem.

This Webinar is For You If:
You have Thyroid Symptoms but your Doctor says your Tests are Normal.
You are Taking Thyroid Medication but STILL have Symptoms.

Reverse Your Diabetes

A Functional Medicine Approach

Learn about the 3 Diabetes Myths and the 5 Keys to Reversing it!

This Webinar presents an approach to truly improving overall health so that the need for medication decreases or is eliminated all together.