Secrets to Healing

Conventional and Integrative Medicine:

Conventional Medicine produces miraculous results when it comes to acute trauma, organ &joint replacement surgery, and life-saving procedures for heart attacks and strokes; but it completely fails when it comes to treatment of chronic disease. A combined approach usingConventional Medicine and Integrative medicine (diet, exercise, vitamins & herbs, alternative therapies and especially mind-body medicine) can be very beneficial but unless underlying emotional trauma is resolved, it will not produce long-term healing. Your body has amazing natural healing capacity and can kill cancer cells, fight infections, and repair injuries.

What you believe about your health comes true.

While positive beliefs about your health can improve your body’s function, negative beliefs can harm you. Medical science has been proving the body can heal itself for over 50 years. We call it the ‘placebo effect,’ and scientists have been trying to outsmart it for decades. The placebo effect is a thorn in the side of modern medicine. It’s an inconvenient truth that gets in the way of proving that new treatments are more effective than letting nature take its course.

But the placebo effect is nothing to be avoided. It’s something to embrace, because it provides concrete evidence that the body is equipped with innate self-repair mechanisms that have the power to cure. We know that when patients enroll in clinical trials, 18-80% of patients get better when given a fake treatment–such as a sugar pill or sham surgery. Why? Scientists believe the placebo effect results from the potent combination of a positive belief and nurturing care, which causes real, measurable physiological change in the body. The role of the healer is to be a healing force, offer positive belief and nurturing care. Who you choose as your healer is of the utmost importance.

While your genes may load the gun, your environment pulls the trigger!

You are not a victim of your genes. While you cannot change your genes, you can change which of those genes are activated: the good health genes or the illness causing genes. This is called Epigenetics. We used to think that our genes were our destiny, that you were going to be stuck with diseases that ran in your family, (like heart disease, breast cancer, alcoholism, depression, high cholesterol). But the study of Epigenetics is changing everything. Scientists now believe that external signals–things like nutrition, the environment in which you live, even your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings influence regulatory proteins that determine how and even whether your genes get expressed in certain ways. You can optimize your‘Epigenetics’ through a holistic approach which includes optimizing lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and stress management.

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