PRP Facial Rejuvination

A Younger You With Cosmetic PRP

Facial Rejuvination

Cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – with Ozone & Growth factors is an all-natural rejuvenation that uses concentrated growth factors from your own blood and Ozone to truly reverse the signs of aging without the potential risks and side effects of artificial fillers, chemicals and Botox. Results start to become noticeable within days and improvement continues for several months.  Skin discolorations fade, texture improves and wrinkles are reduced. Effects are longer lasting, safer and more affordable than standard cosmetic procedures. In addition to helping fine lines and wrinkles, research shows growth factors have anti-inflammatory effects, can enhance rate of tissue healing and help to repair soft tissue and muscular damage.

The techniques we use for cosmetic PRP-Ozone facelifts and other cosmetic injections are based on an amazing regenerative technology from Switzerland. This technology also allows us to make a filler out of your own platelets for deeper lines and folds.  Instead of standard PRP, we use Concentrated Growth Factor serum that has been shown to have superior results.  Activation of the platelets with Ozone further enhances the results.  

This all natural “Facelift” procedure begins with drawing a few tubes of your blood and processing it in a special state of the art centrifuge that separates the blood into different layers.  We harvest the layers containing the Concentrated Growth Factors, Platelets, and CD34 Stem Cells and activate them using specific nutrients and Ozone (activated oxygen).  These regenerative factors are then injected into your skin into areas where there are signs of aging/damage. There is minimal bruising after the therapy and no down time! 

No Surgery, Just Results

Cosmetic PRP with Ozone & Growth Factors

Microneedling with PRP

Microneedling with PRP rejuvenates the skin surface.  It improves acne scarring, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, increases collagen, improves skin texture, minimizes pores, reduces brown spots, tightens skin, brightens skin and more.  For best results three treatments at 4 to 6 week intervals are recommended. 

Microneedling can be combined with PRP facial rejuvenation. 

Take 15 years off your face with no down time!

Hair Regrowth with PRP

The powerful growth factors and healing agents in PRP also help you regrow hair and reverse hair loss.  Now you can avoid the expense of a hair transplant! 

Ozone Lipolysis and Skin Tightening

The miracle of oxygen also reduces unwanted stubborn fat deposits, eliminates cellulite and tightens skin – all at a fraction of the cost of cool sculpting.  

The prices for treatments vary depending on the area of treatment and the degree of correction needed. Please call the clinic for more information.

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