Pain Relief That Actually Heals

What is Prolozone Therapy?

One of the best kept secrets in pain management is Prolozone. Prolozone is a safe, non-surgical therapy used to reduce and often resolve acute and chronic pain commonly caused by arthritis, tendonitis, partially torn tendons and ligaments, and sprains and strains of all types. So why haven’t you or your Doctor heard of it? Because it only involves use of natural substances that cannot be patented and so there is no marketing budget behind it.

How does Prolozone Work?

Prolozone is an injection of nutrients and oxygen-ozone mixture. Ozone is a form of pure oxygen that has numerous benefits when used by an appropriately trained physician. Prolozone stimulates the body’s own natural repair mechanisms. What can a Patient expect? The injections cause minimal to no pain. Response to treatment varies from person to person but most patients can expect an immediate decrease in pain and cumulative benefit over a series of injections. Generally,3-5 treatments are required for long-term benefit. Injections can be performed into trigger points, soft tissue and into joints.

During the course of therapy, inflammation decreases and joints become stronger and more stabilized because the effect of each treatment is cumulative with new tissue healing occurring after each injection. Depending on the amount of damage that needs to be repaired, several ‘healing cycles’ may be required to achieve long-term pain relief. However, when the ligaments and/or tendons regain their normal strength and function, a wonderful thing happens. Pain stops. Increased muscular flexibility, movement and strength return.

Conditions that Prolozone can be used for:

• Arthritis

• Tendonitis

• Tennis/Golfer’s elbow

• Low back pain

• Hip pain

• Knee pain

• Plantar fasciitis

• Shoulder pain (rotator cuff)

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