We want YOU to live a Fully OPTIMIZED life. We don’t just use medications to mask your symptoms, we determine the underlying CAUSES of your HEALTH problems and create a holistic plan to RESOLVE them. If you have seen numerous doctors without benefit and want a physician who really DIGS Deeper, call NOW and schedule a CONSULTATION.

Our approach is patient-centered and addresses the whole person and not just the disease or symptoms you suffer from. We spend time with you, carefully listening and looking at interactions among your genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that are affecting your long-term health. We seek out the underlying causes of your health problems and truly help you to heal rather than just suppress your symptoms with drugs.

At IHL our Functional Medicine approach to healthcare is:

  • “State-of-the-Art” in that it involves the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders and diseases.
  • “Comprehensive” in that it seeks to improve and rejuvenate every function of the body and mind.
  • “Holistic” in that it seeks to consider every aspect of a person’s health; including the mental, physical and spiritual spheres.
  • “Integrative” in that it combines the “best practices” from all approaches to healthcare.
  • “Preventive” in that it incorporates protective actions and anticipatory treatment protocols to forestall the diseases of aging with nutritional and metabolic therapies.

With our approach, You can experience marked improvements in your:

  • General health
  • Mood
  • Cognitive function
  • Energy level
  • Pain level
  • Libido and sexual performance
  • Immune function
  • Body contour
  • Muscle tone
  • Body fat
  • Skin texture
  • Libido and sexual performance

We begin with a detailed look at all of your ailments and perform an extensive panel of testing. Then we recommend a comprehensive lifestyle approach including behavior changes, optimized nutrition, supplements and natural safe therapies in addition to traditional approaches. We believe the current system only acts reactively and does not perform a detailed health analysis until someone becomes ill; our approach is to optimize health so that existing health afflictions improve and new problems are prevented. The ‘after the fact’ approach to health that most people and the current healthcare system take needs to be disrupted because it is both expensive and ineffective. Advancements in diagnostics and technology should be used to optimize health and prevent disease rather than just ‘manage’ disease once it has taken hold.

When you establish as a new patient, we begin with a battery of tests that measure countless biomarkers and assess everything from nutritional deficiencies and allergies to gut function and your stress response. Once we have obtained your detailed life and health story and analyzed the results of the testing, we recommend a comprehensive health optimization plan that typically includes everything from learning how to incorporate healthy habits into your life to prescribing supplements and natural therapies that will improve your current health conditions and resolve any deficiencies while decreasing your need for prescription medications. We will help you to get your health where you want it to go.

We have some patients who are not sick but just want to stay well and optimize their health, but we also have many patients who have seen numerous doctors without benefit and want someone that really digs deeper into their health problems and puts it all together. We feel the current system just does not allow this to happen and so patients continue to suffer. There are many deficiencies in the current system: everything from the lack of focus on nutrition and lifestyle to the over-prescription of toxic medications with questionable benefit. We believe in personal responsibility and work with those who want to take charge of their health because they know that it is their single most valuable asset. We believe in prevention and feel that while medications at times can be life-saving, they can also be very toxic to long-term health.

We feel that a holistic comprehensive approach should serve as the foundation for all who want to prevent disease and optimize their state of health. Medications and surgical interventions, as well as cost, can be minimized this way. It is far more expensive in terms of money and pain to get sick then to maintain good health.

Advanced Medicine

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