Prolozone and Ozone Therapy

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Medical ozone therapy is one of the most powerful Integrative Medicine treatments. Ozone therapy is a safe, inexpensive, and effective treatment. It dramatically improves many conditions and boosts your health. Ozone is beneficial for a wide range of conditions. It’s a great form of non-surgical treatment for many ailments. This includes pain, cardiovascular disease, infection, non-healing wounds, neurological disorders, autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, and more.

Ozone excels in pain control. Many medical studies show its success for neck and back pain, joint pain, and damaged tissues. It can treat most types of injuries, and degenerative and arthritic conditions. Dental pain also responds very well to ozone so you’ll see ozone therapy in dentistry as well. 

Ozone treatments are being used by more than 40,000 physicians & dentists in 50+ countries. Ozone therapy cost is often lower than typical pain management. This makes it one of the most affordable pain relief treatments.

What Does Medical Ozone Do?

  • Activates the immune system to fight diseases

  • Improves circulation

  • Increases efficient use of oxygen in cells

  • Stimulates the liver, kidneys, and cells, removing built up toxins.

  • Fuels the regeneration of damaged joints & degenerative discs

  • Works as an anti-inflammatory/reduces inflammation

  • Resolves chronic pain, especially joint and soft tissue pain

  • Increases antioxidant defense systems

  • Treats the underlying cause of many degenerative diseases

  •  Helps chronic fatigue, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, dental infections, macular degeneration, herpes infections, chronic hepatitis, lyme disease, and interstitial cystitis.

Nicole G

I have been suffering from gastrointestinal issues for over 12 years following a tough battle with cancer, but after just three ozone treatments, all my issues have been resolved! I can’t believe how great I feel now, it’s like cancer, chemo & radiation never happened at all.

Boost Your Health With Prolozone

How Medical Ozone Is Administered

Autohemotherapy, or “ozone blood treatment”, is a process where the patient has a few ounces of blood removed from a vein in their arm. This is like having your blood drawn. It’s drawn into a sterile IV solution bag. Ozone is then injected into the bag with the blood and gently mixed to ozonate the blood. The ozonated blood is then infused back into the same vein through a sterile closed system. This “IV Ozone” treatment is one of the most common forms of  ozone-oxygen therapy.

This is one of the most effective and safe ozone therapy treatments. This process is performed in a sterile environment under the supervision of a physician. By adding the ozone directly to the blood, this process goes to work immediately and helps boost your immune system. This boost to your immunity can help you feel better, fight off diseases, and help prevent viral infections. 

Nasal Ozone is a treatment that is very useful for acute and chronic nasal and sinus infections.  Ozone is administered into one nostril while the other nostril is occluded and the patient exhales immediately.   Inhalation of Ozone is not advised.  This process can be completed in minutes but often needs to be administered several times. It is very safe and may facilitate cause sinus drainage.  Nasal Ozone is helpful for bacterial and viral infections.  

Prolozone ozone therapy is our most effective and highly recommended treatment we provide as a function medicine doctor. Prolozone is a fantastic pain reliever, chronic pain reducer, and healing agent.

Prolozone therapy works in three parts:

1) Anti-inflammatory or homeopathic medications are injected into the injured area to increase circulation.

2) The damaged area is injected with vitamins and minerals that are critical for healing.

3) The area is infiltrated with oxygen in the form of ozone.

The result is that with the Prolozone injection, the tissues get the elements they need to heal. As they heal, the circulation to the area is re-established. The response to treatment varies from person to person, but most people only need from 3-5 treatments.

Ozone oil is a popular and multi-use treatment. The most common use for ozonated oil is topical. It’s benefits for the skin are numerous. Ozone Oils help by removing toxins from the skin, clears up acne, and may even erase scars. These can be applied topically, inhaled, ingested, or used as a suppository.

This form of ozone therapy is an effective treatment that you can do yourself at home. This at home treatment is self-administered like an enema, but oxygen-ozone gas is used instead of a liquid solution.  Rectal Insufflation is not as potent as the IV treatment but can conveniently be done more often. 


Ozone is completely safe when used under guidance of properly trained medical professionals.

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