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Take Charge Of Your Health with Innovative Health & Longevity’s fully customized OPTIMAL HEALTH programs.  REGAIN YOUR HEALTH & VITALITY AS YOU LOSE WEIGHT!

Our Lifestyle Programs are like no other. You won’t just get sent an automated list of generic activities to do or things to eat. A customized program will be created just for YOU by Dr. Qadir and the IHL Team.

Innovative Health delivers THE most comprehensive custom Wellness and Lifestyle programs that incorporate nutrition, fitness, detoxification, hormone balance, and mental-emotional health. Our holistic approach is complimented by a variety of safe and effective Integrative therapies including IV Vitamins including Vitamin C & NAD, Medical Ozone, Ultraviolet Light Therapy (UBI), and Energetic Medicine Techniques.  Our Health Coach supports you on this journey and keeps you on track and accountable.  

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Dr. Riffat Qadir, MD, IFMCP

Proven To Be More Effective Than Working Alone

Our comprehensive lifestyle program are built on the 5 Pillars of Health. 

A program is only as strong as its foundation and these 5 Pillars have been proven to maximize health and improve lifestyle more effectively than programs based solely on diet and exercise alone. 

The 5 Pillars of Health:






The 5 Pillars make IHL’s Lifestyle Programs so much more than weight loss programs. They are Therapeutic Programs that are effective for reversing lifestyle-related chronic illnesses, health risk reduction, and improving your overall health by implementing healthy habits. The weight loss is a beneficial side effect from becoming truly healthy.

A Lifestyle Program Made FOR YOU

Who can Benefit?

Patients with the following health issues:

 -Metabolic Syndrome

-Type II DM



-Autoimmune-Related issues




-Fatigue or Sleep issues

These Programs are for YOU, if you are motivated to achieve:

-Increased energy, weight loss, improved immune health, better exercise and sleep routines, healthy nutrition plan, better lifestyle for improved health.

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