How To Solve A Pandemic

Simple Answer to Resolve a Pandemic:

SARS-CoV-2 is the most dangerous virus, not in terms of direct casualties from COVID-19, although these are extensive, but in terms of indirect casualties from the nationwide shutdown and the unprecedented assaults on civil liberties.   Dr. Janda (retired orthopedic surgeon and political commentator) calls it the “freedom-stripping virus.”  Among the casualties are doctor’s freedom to prescribe or even to discuss non-officially approved preventive or treatment measures.  

The response to this virus has resulted in the creation of a much worse virus which is wildly proliferating and threatening the very existence of our Constitutional Republic.  Fear and guilt have overcome our resistance to the ‘totalitarian virus.’  The pretext of ‘science’ is masking authoritarianism that disregards, discredits, and attempts to cancel methods that could save thousands of lives threatened not just by COVID-19, but by many other diseases, both old and emerging.   

Treatment outcomes for COVID-19 disease in the US remain extremely poor under the treatment protocol established by the CDC.  Of the 53 ‘Experts’ that have developed this protocol 13 have direct financial ties to the pharmaceutical and vaccine companies.  

MATH+ Protocol

A group of doctors have developed a totally different set of guidelines (the MATH+ protocol) and the survival and recovery of the patients is markedly better.   People who are treated with this protocol are getting better and going home to their families.   Unfortunately, none of our hospitals in the area are using this protocol.  There are many reasons for this, but they are legal, political and financial; they are not based on honest science or honest medicine.   

There are many safe and effective therapies regarding which our mainstream media is not just silent, but actively counters and suppresses.   I will briefly discuss vitamin D.  For more information, please visit and watch the webinars entitled “The Mystery of Your Immunity,” and “Don’t Go Viral:  How to Fight an Invisible Enemy.”  

What Does Vitamin D Do?

Recent studies are showing that adequate vitamin D levels can save lives!  For just a few dollars per person, we may be able to markedly decrease the number of people who become seriously ill or die.  There are no risky side effects.  If we keep waiting for ‘evidence-double blind placebo-controlled trials’ thousands will die.  Any volunteers for the Placebo group?   If we gave everyone vitamin D and it failed, so what?  The risk from not acting is far greater than the risk from acting.  Dosage is important and has generally been misunderstood.  Egypt and Slovenia have already acted.  Do we want to wait and let thousands die while we await the results of more ‘studies’ and a ‘fast tracked-potentially dangerous’ vaccine to be developed?

The recent Philippine and Indonesian studies reveal that having a good vitamin D status would: 

  • Reduce your risk of the disease becoming severe by 90%
  • Reduce your risk of dying by 96%

This is not ‘proven’ until the double-blind placebo-controlled trials are completed, but what do we have to lose?  A few dollars and having to swallow a few pills.  This potential benefit far outweighs the risk.  

Dosage is important and generally misunderstood.  There is no single optimal dosage for everyone and the 600 iu recommended is woefully inadequate and was based on bone health.  Some people require a higher dosage than others.  Fortunately, a simple blood test your doctor can order will tell you exactly what your level is.  According to the studies, a level of atleast 30 ng/mL is required for protection.  ‘Normal’ levels for labs range from 20-100.  In my patients I aim for a level over 50 ng/mL.  

Other nutrients can also help.  Most people with adequate vitamin D level usually have these levels because they are taking vitamin D supplements and if they are taking D, they are also likely taking a Multivitamin which supports the body as well.   They may also be taking vitamin C.  All these nutrients work together and until the ‘evidence’ comes in, I recommend the following for prevention of serious viral infection (COVID-19 and others):

  • Vitamin D level between 50 and 70 
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg twice daily
  • Zinc 30-50 mg daily (including what is in the MV)
  • High potency Multivitamin-Multimineral

How To Check Your Vitamin D Level

If you take vitamin D regularly, you should have your level checked.   If not, you can presume you are low and will require higher doses to get your level up quickly.  If you are otherwise in good health, you can safely take 20,000 iu daily for 2 weeks to get there and then 2,000 – 5,000 iu daily for maintenance.  You should have your level checked within a few months. If you have any significant health problems, I strongly recommend consulting with your doctor.

If you don’t have a doctor, visit to get an order for a vitamin D test.  

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