Far More Potent than your Morning Coffee

It wakes you up, clears your head, energizes you, and gets you off to an awesome start to your day?  It is scientifically proven to help you lose fat, increase muscle, and improve your cardio-respiratory endurance.   And it only takes as long as it does to drink your coffee.    

What is it?  It is the Amazing 7 Minute Scientific Workout.  This quick workout is high intensity interval exercise that combines aerobic and body weight resistance exercises.  It works out your upper body, lower body and core!  The blood flow to your brain first thing in the morning really clears your head and energizes you.   I do this every morning right after I brush my teeth 7 days a week at home or on vacation.    

This workout alternates between 30-second bursts of exercise (give it all you got) and 10-second periods of rest.  All you need is your body, a wall, a chair, and 7 minutes.   The “I have no time for exercise” excuse just went out the window.   Now, everyone can keep their New Year’s Exercise Resolution.  Lower impact versions are available for those with physical restrictions and can even be individually customized by a knowledgeable trainer.  For even more benefit, you can do 2 or 3 cycles of the 7 minute workout.  

Remember that isometric exercises may not be good for those with high blood pressure or heart disease and they may need to be substituted with dynamic exercises. You should not do any exercise that causes pain.  If you haven’t been active, it is always best to get medical clearance from your Doctor before starting any exercise program.   

You can find many versions of the 7 Minute Scientific Workout on U-tube.  These are nice because you can just follow along and the timing is all set up for you or you can use your own clock/timer.  

So let’s get started on your daily morning exercise!   

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