Vaccination Nation: What Parents & Pediatricians Need To Know

 Smallpox killed 1/3 of those it infected and blinded 1/3 of those who survived. The Smallpox vaccine has eliminated the deadly disease Smallpox from the planet.  Vaccines have also resulted in the restriction of Polio, Measles and Tetanus from much of the world.  So, why are vaccines causing so much controversy? What is a vaccine?   […]

How To Solve A Pandemic

Simple Answer to Resolve a Pandemic: SARS-CoV-2 is the most dangerous virus, not in terms of direct casualties from COVID-19, although these are extensive, but in terms of indirect casualties from the nationwide shutdown and the unprecedented assaults on civil liberties.   Dr. Janda (retired orthopedic surgeon and political commentator) calls it the “freedom-stripping virus.”  […]

Far More Potent than your Morning Coffee

It wakes you up, clears your head, energizes you, and gets you off to an awesome start to your day?  It is scientifically proven to help you lose fat, increase muscle, and improve your cardio-respiratory endurance.   And it only takes as long as it does to drink your coffee.     What is it?  It is the Amazing 7 Minute Scientific Workout.  This quick […]

You are What you Eat

Every year your body completely regenerates itself.  Every time you eat, you are taking in raw materials to rebuild yourself.  As you plan and prepare your meals just think about the kinds of foods you want to rebuild yourself with.   Your risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and even cancer are directly related to your dietary choices.  I […]